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    113 Hyland Way
    RM11 1DY
    07596 495753
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    About Primedrive Driving School

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    Primedrive Driving School is based in Hornchurch Essex and it covers much of the surrounding area. You can book driving lessons with the school if you love in any of the following locations; Hornchurch, Romford, Dagenham, Upminster, Chadwell Heath, Gidea Park, Harold Hill, Harold Wood, Brentwood, Cranham, Emerson Park and Rainham.

    If you prefer your driving lessons at the start of the day, Primedrive can help with this. The company operates from Monday to Friday 7:30am – 9:00pm and Saturday and Sundays, 7:30am – 9:00pm, meaning they can accommodate early lessons.

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    Driving Lessons with Primedrive start at £20 and hour, about the average for the Hornchurch area. There’s a £1 an hour discount available if you are a student, unemployed or work for the NHS. A block booing for 10 lessons cost £190 and this works out at £19 an hour.

    Primdrive also have intensive driving courses available. Prices wise their courses are quite cheap, compared to prices in nearby Romford,  For example their 3 day, 12 hour course costs £338. This works out at £28.17p. A 12 hour driving course with Alfie’s Driving School costs £430, which is almost £100 more expensive.

    Number of HoursPrimedriveAlfie’sWests Driving School
    12 Hour Course£338£430£420
    16 Hour Course£430£550£540
    28 Hour Course£706£820*£840*
    32 Hour Course£798£990£1,00

    *The price shown is for a 26 hour course, as Alfies and Wests Driving School only advertise this course length.

    If you are looking for value for money, Primedrive are by far the best option. They beat both Alfie’s and West Driving School on price, however Primedrive do not have the same number of customer reviews or testimonials as the other two. It is important to balance out price with service and quality. Primedrive do not have reviews on their website, or on third party websites and as such, it is difficult to gauge what standard the school’s teaching is, or what driving instructors you should opt for.

    If you would like to purchase driving lessons as a gift for friends or family, the school has vouchers available. The vouchers have to be used within a 6 month period and once the school receives payment, the voucher will be sent out by post. You can purchase a voucher for anything from a single driving lesson, to an entire course.

    Primedrive Driving Lesson Gift VoucherPrimedrive Driving Lesson Gift Voucher

    Directions to Primedrive Driving School

    There are great transport links in the local area, for any learner drivers wishing to visit the driving school. There are three train stations close by, Romford, Gidea Park and Emerson Park station, with the latter being the closest. If you are travelling from Emerson Park, directions are as follows;

    • Take the 165 From Emerson Park Station Towards Romford
    • Stop at Princes Road Heath Park
    • Walk south-west on Brentwood Road towards Globe Road
    • Turn left onto Globe Road
    • Turn left towards Hyland Way
    • Turn right onto Hyland Way
    • The destination will be on the right

    Prices and Services Offered

    Manual Driving Lessons 1 hour £20 10 hours £190 10 hours £180 (Discount) Students / NHS / Unemployed
    Available Courses:
    3 Day 12 Hour Course - £338
    4 Day 16 Hour Course - £430
    7 Day 28 Hour Course - £706
    8 Day 32 Hour Course - £798
    Pass Plus - £140
    Cars Used:
    Vauxhall Corsa 1.3CDTi Club Diesel

    Additional Information

    Online Payment Accepted: No

    Gift Vouchers Available: Yes

    Male and Female Instructors: No

    Automatic Driving Lessons: No


    Reviews on Book Learn Pass:
    - 01/02/2017 -
    Was a pleasure learning to drive with Primedrive. I enjoyed my driving lessons and I didn't struggle at all during my training. Primedrive are one of the better driving schools in Hornchurch and I found it easy to get on with my instructor.
    - 06/02/2017 -
    Satisfied with my driving lessons. I was looking for a driving school in the Horcnhurch / Romford area and I contacted Primedrive after visiting their website. My instructor was good and I have no real complaints about my lessons. Passed at the second attempt.
    - 15/03/2017 -
    Was apprehensive about booking driivng lessons with Primedrive because I couldn't find that many reviews online,. After a phone conversation and first meet I felt at ease and enjoyed my lessons. Found things tough going initially, especially dealing with busy roads but Primedrive are good at getting you to relax and take things easy, which is very helpful.