How Many Driving Lessons Does It Take To Pass?

How Many Driving Lessons Does It Take To Pass?

Driving lessons although exciting and very necessary, are a means to an end. The end goal of the process is to learn to drive safely and pass the driving test in the shortest time possible and one of the first questions new learners ask their driving instructors is; “How many lessons will it take me to pass?”.

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question, as it has a lot to do with the individual and the standard of tutoring they receive from their driving instructor. People progress at different rates and a concept that one student might find really easy to grasp, another might struggle with it for some time.

Some new learners find it really tough during their first few lessons, however they reach a point where everything starts to make sense and from then on in, the lessons get easier and easier. While on the other hand there are some learners who start of really quickly, mastering much of the basics, but then they hit a glass ceiling in their development, which takes a considerable amount of time to get through.

How Many Hours Does It Take To Pass On AVERAGE?

As mentioned there is no one size fits all answer, however we can use the nation’s average as a yardstick. Assuming each lesson is 1 hour long, on average it takes new learners 42 hours to pass their driving test.

Why Does It Take So Long To Pass?

For learners who are starting from scratch i.e they’ve had no form of tuition prior to their first driving lesson with an instructor, the first few lessons are spent learning the basics of the car. Your instructor will go through a set of safety checks with you, you’ll be taught how the pedals and gears work and then how to stop and start the car. Much of your first few lessons will be spent working on these concepts, before moving on to more challenging aspects.

On average by the 10th hour, learners should be more familiar with the car and the road. Their clutch control should have improved dramatically and they should be planning ahead while driving and anticipating the actions and intentions of other road users. The instructor will steadily add new concepts and ideas to the lessons and by the 20th hour, new learners should start incorporating maneuvers while driving.

By the 30th hour new learners should be relatively confident on the road and be able to execute a majority of the required maneuvers. At this point learners should be comfortable both bay and parallel parking, as well turning in the road and reversing around corners. Their standard of driving should be relatively high and it usually is a question of how prepared they feel to take the test and and also how close their instructor thinks they are to test standard.

Lesson 30 to 40 tend to be spent practicing mock driving tests, understanding the common pitfalls, discussing ways to avoid these and generally preparing to take the examination.

Factors That Affect How Quickly You’ll Pass Your Test

Although there’s no definitive answer to how many driving lessons you’ll need to pass your test, there are a few factors that are known to either speed up or slow down the process and understanding what they are and having a plan to deal with them, will improve your chances of passing significantly.

i. How Often You Have Your Lessons?

How often you take your driving lessons plays a big part in how quickly you learn. Individuals who are able to take more than 1 lesson a week, tend to learn quicker than those who space their lessons out over longer periods of time. Of course not everyone’s situation will allow them to dedicate between 3 – 4 hours a week at intervals of 2 – 3 days, however those who are able to take their lessons in quick succession, grasp the concepts they’re taught much faster, as they are able to put into practice what they have been taught while the information is still fresh.

ii. The Length Of Each Driving Lessons

The length of each driving lesson also plays a major role in how quickly you progress. In most cases an hour long lesson is not long enough, especially when your instructor is introducing new concepts to you. If it has been a few days since your last lesson, it can take a while to get into the swing of things once your behind the wheel and if your spend a first quarter of the hour adjusting to the car, the second quarter getting to grips with what’s being taught, it doesn’t leave much time for driving and feedback from your instructor. Therefore in most cases it’s better to take your lessons in two hour blocks as this gives you time to take in the new concept, while simultaneously giving you enough time to practice it too.

iii. How You Deal With Your Nerves

How you handle your nerves in the lessons leading up to and on the day of your driving test, goes a long to determining how soon you’ll pass. We all get nervous in life, however a significant number of new learners feel very nervous while driving, this causes them to make errors, which invariably lead to failed tests. Finding a way to remain calm and composed in the lessons leading up to your driving test as well as on test day itself, is critical to passing your test in the shortest possible time.

iv. How Confident You Are Behind The Wheel

Driver confidence is a critical factor in how soon an individual passes their driving test. It’s often relatively easy to get a new learner to test standard, however if the student doesn’t feel confident within themselves to take and pass the test, they’ll often require a number of lessons, just dedicated to improving their confidence behind the wheel. In such cases it’s worthwhile reassuring yourself that you are just as competent as all the other road users and that the hours of practice you’ve dedicated up to this point, means you are just as qualified to be on the road as all the other drivers around you.

As with most things in life we want things to be done instantly, however learning to drive is one of those things which takes a considerable period of time to complete. Although there is no universal answer to the question of how long it takes to pass, choosing a good driving instructor, while preparing yourself as best as possible, will ensure you pass your test at the earliest possible chance.

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