Intensive Driving Courses

According to the DVSA, on average, you’ll need roughly 40 hours of driving lessons to pass your driving test. Depending on how consistently you take your lessons, this could take anywhere from a week to a year to complete. Learner drivers who are intent on learning to drive and passing their test in the shortest possible time, often opt for an intensive driving course which normally last anywhere from between a few days to a few weeks.

What is an Intensive Driving Course

An intensive driving course is a course that packs the entire DVSA learner driving syllabus into either a few days or few weeks. Instead of the standard one or two hour driving lessons most learner drivers have, intensive driving lessons last up to 6 hours a day and are scheduled on consecutive days.

Who Takes An Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive driving courses are booked by a wide variety of people. There are several reasons why you might want to book an intensive driving course and some of the more popular reasons include;

A Recently Failed Test

Individuals who have recently failed their driving test often take an intensive driving course to iron out some of the flaws that may have caused them to fail. If you’re already at test standard, taking a few intensive driving lessons to correct some of the errors and work on things you’re still struggling with, is a great way to remain focused and pass your driving test at the next attempt.

A Driving License Is Required For Work

Often people who book an intensive driving lesson require a drivers license for a new job they’re applying for, or have recently found. In such cases dedicating a week to learning to drive and passing their test makes sense, however the added pressure of needing to pass to subsequently get a job, often reduces the pass rate of people who book intensive driving courses for this reason. If you do need your driving licence for work, we recommend using our driving test cancellation service to find a short notice driving test.

You Have The Financial Means To Do So

Unfortunately driving lessons are not cheap and because of how much they cost, many learner drivers space their lessons out over a number of weeks and months. Intensive driving lessons cost considerably more than standard lessons and as some intensive driving courses can cost as much as £1000, they’re often booked by people who are not worried about price.

Intensive Driving Course Prices

There are several types of intensive driving courses and each has their own price. Shorter intensive driving courses for example a one day crash course consisting of 6 hours tuition can cost up to £200, while a full 30 hour course, spread over 6 days can cost up to £800. Intensive driving courses can work out to be good value for money if you’re able to pass your driving test at the first attempt.

Types Of Intensive Driving Courses

There are several types of intensive driving courses to choose from and the course you pick will depend on your finances, learning style, time commitments and need to pass. Some of the more popular intensive driving courses include;

One Day Intensive Driving Course

The one day intensive driving course is a really popular one and is perfect for individuals who have recently failed their driving test. If you are already at test standard and there are just a few areas of your driving that you’re struggling with, a one day 6 hour intensive driving lesson is fantastic at correcting your faults and getting you to a point where you’re able to pass your driving test.

Residential Driving Courses

Learning to drive in a busy town or city can be a daunting prospect for many learner drivers. Complex roads, aggressive road users and potential hazards at every turn, make learning and passing your test in this type of environment very difficult. A residential driving course is a type of intensive driving course that is held in a quieter part of the country, usually in a small village, with the primary objective of allowing learners to practice and take their test in a slower paced location. All learners are required to stay onsite for the duration of the course and the hope is that by allowing learners to practice and take their test on quieter roads, it should improve their chances of passing their test.

In most cases, your driving instructor will book a driving test for you, to coincide with the end of the driving course.

Semi-Intensive Driving Courses

Just because you need to pass your test in a hurry doesn’t necessarily mean you’re best suited to taking an intensive driving course. Driving for up to 6 hours per day, ever day for a week can take it’s toll and for those who need to pass their test rather urgently, but are unsure if practicing for 30 hours in a week is right for them, there is the option of a semi-intensive driving course. Semi-intensive driving course consist of up 30 hours tuition spread over 2 – 3 weeks allowing learners to practice at a pace which they are comfortable with, while still progressing at a rate which will see them pass their test in a relatively short period of time.

Things to Consider Before Booking An Intensive Driving Course

The main thing to consider before you choose whether or not to book an intensive driving course, is whether you as a learner are suited to intensive driving lessons. Driving for 3 or more hours a day can be stressful and if you’re an individual who finds it difficult to concentrate or remain focus on a single task that lasts a number of hours, an intensive driving course may not be for you.

Once you’re sure that you’re suited to this type of course, the next step is to find out what is included in your prospective course. The courses which offer the best value for money tend to include, the theory test, driving test fees, driving test booking and car hire on the test day within the total course price.

Intensive driving courses are great for getting you to test standard in a relatively short period of time. So long as you have the time, the finances and you’re able to take on new concepts relatively quickly an intensive driving course may be just what you need to pass your driving test. If you require more information on intensive driving courses in your area, fill in the form below and one of our friendly team will get back to you shortly.