Driving Test Centres

Part of the process of learning to drive involves passing your theory test and once complete, passing your practical driving test. Both tests are essential and they are taken at one of the designated test centres situated across the UK.

There are just under 150 theory test centres and over 300 driving test centres in the UK. Both are managed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, also known as the DVSA and the objective of each, is to offer a standardized test for all learner drivers throughout the UK.

Choosing a Test Centre

Depending on your needs, you will either be looking to book a driving theory test or a book a driving test. Both are taken at test centres across the country and there are several factors you will to consider before choosing where to sit your test.


You need to turn up to your test centre at least half an hour before the start of your test, to ensure you have enough time to settle in and gather your bearings. It is best to choose a test centre close to where you live or work, as this will reduce the time it takes for you to get there, while giving you extra time to prepare.

Pass Rates

Pass rates are not too much of a concern for theory tests, as the structure and pool of questions are the same, however they should have a bearing on your choice of driving test centre. Test centres located in dense urban areas where there are a large number of roundabouts and dual carriageways, often have lower pass rates when compared to test centres situated in more rural surroundings.

Parking and Transport Links

If you plan on driving to your test, ensure there is suitable parking at the test centre or nearby. Not all test centres have this, so it is important you check before booking. If you plan on travelling via public transport, check transport links to and from the centre, to ensure you are capable of arriving on time for the start of your test.

Disabled Access

If you or someone you know requires disabled access, do check before booking your test that the centre has this available. Choosing a centre with adequate access will ensure smooth access to the facility.

If you are in a rush to get your driving licence, we recommend using our driving test cancellations finder, to book an earlier driving test.

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