Mock Theory Test

Along with booking your first driving lesson, passing your theory test is a significant step on the path to getting your driver’s license. To book a driving test, you must first have passed your theory test and in order to do so, you will need to practice and complete a number of mock theory tests.

What is a Mock Theory Test?

A mock theory test is typically 50 random questions taken from the Highway Code. The questions test your knowledge of the handbook and the are designed to mimic the multiple choice section of the actual theory test.

Mock Theory Test Question Categories

There are 14 official mock theory test categories and these cover everything from dealing with vulnerable road users, to spotting hazards and keeping your vehicle safe. The categories are comprehensive, they cover all theoretical aspects of learning to drive and the idea is to ensure that each learner driver is well prepared and aware of what to expect, in different traffic and road situations. The categories are as follows;


Questions in this category deal with how alert you are as a driver. You will be tested on issues such as passing cyclists, dealing with low bridges, what to do when overtaking large vehicles and how you should respond to specific road markings.

Take the alertness mock theory test


Your attitude and mind state when driving play an important part in keeping you and other road users safe. Questions in this category deal with how you should behave when faced with an aggressive driver, what to do when another motorist makes a mistake and the correct way to behave as you approach a pedestrian crossing.

Take the attitude mock theory test


Questions in this category test your knowledge of the documents vehicle owners are required to own and maintain. You will be tested on things such as insurance certificates, vehicle registration documents and SORN notices among other things. This is a category that learner drivers often struggle with, so it’s worth spending time familiarising yourself with the type of questions you are likely to face.

Take the document mock theory test

Safety and Your Vehicle

A key aspect of learning to drive is keeping you and your vehicle safe. The safety and your vehicle category tests your knowledge of the procedures for travelling on long journeys, how you can best prevent your vehicle from being broken into and what each of the dashboard warning lights represent.

Take the safety and your vehicle mock theory test

Safety Margins

This category tests your knowledge of the overall stopping and braking distances, motorists face when travelling at specific speeds. It is imperative you know how long it will take you stop when travelling at different speeds, in adverse weather and unfavourable road conditions. This category will also test you on which driving and braking situations, you can expect your anti-lock brakes to take effect.

Take the safety margins mock theory test

Hazard Awareness

Your ability to identify and respond to hazards in good time, is an important skill and something you will develop during your driving lessons and throughout the duration of your driving course. This category tests you knowledge of specific hazards such as dealing with cyclists, what to do when you approach roadworks and how to respond to lane closures among many other things.

Take the hazard awareness mock theory test

Vulnerable Road Users

As well as other motorists, you will also share the road with pedestrians and vulnerable road users, the latter includes the elderly, the disabled and in some cases the very young. You need to pay special attention when dealing with this group of road users and this category will test your knowledge of the correct way to behave when dealing with the vulnerable.

Take the vulnerable road mock theory test

Other Types of Vehicles

As well as cars, busses, lorries and motorcycles, there are several other types of motor vehicles you could come across. These include highway maintenance vehicles, motorised wheelchairs and very large and slow vehicles too. This category tests your knowledge on how to effectively deal with some of the more uncommon vehicles listed above.

Take the other types of vehicle mock theory test

Vehicles Handling

A good driver is knowledgeable about how to drive in adverse weather. Questions in this category relate to driving in unfavourable conditions such as in snow, ice, heavy rain and fog. The category is designed to teach you a safe way to drive in such conditions, as well as how to identify situations where it is best not to drive at all.

Take the vehicle handling mock theory test

Motorway Driving

Statistically speaking, motorways are one of the safest type of road, howler it’s an area where many newly qualified drivers still struggle. This category test your knowledge of where you will find the individual motorway reflective studs, how to drive on smart motorways and specific motorway rules which govern this type of road.

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Rules of The Road

Here you will be tested on the general rules of the road. Questions in this category relate to things such as the speed limit on different road types, rules and regulations surrounding parking and which roads you can and cannot stop on.

Take the rules of the road mock theory test

Vehicle Loading

Questions in this category relate to speed limits for towing trailers and caravans, the correct method for dealing with roof racks and stabilizers and what impact if any, towing a caravan or trailer will have on your vehicle.

Take the vehicle loading mock theory test

Road and Traffic Signs

You are required to understand what each of the road and traffic signs mean and the type of road you are likely to find each on. This category tests your knowledge of all road signs and as there are a large number of individual signs, it’s a category you should spend a significant amount of time on.

Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies

A good understanding of how to behave in an emergency or serious incident can save lives. Questions in this category test of your knowledge of what to do if you are involved in or arrive at an accident, how to deal with incidents such as being stuck at a level crossing and in which situation it is appropriate to use your hazard warning lights.

Take the incident, accidents and emergencies mock theory test

What Should I Do If I Fail a Mock Theory Test?

The short answer is to retake it. If you fail a test do not be downhearted, go over the categories and questions you struggled with and try the test again. The idea is to use these practice theory tests to familiarise yourself with each category and by studying the Highway Code and continuously taking mock tests, eventually you will reach the stage where you are comfortable with and able to answer a vast majority of questions from each of the listed categories.

Are These Mock Theory Tests Free?

Each mock theory test on this website is free and you are able to take each test as many times as you like. You should ensure you are comfortable answering questions from each of the categories as during your actual theory test, the questions are completely random and taken from all 14 categories