Driving Test Cancellations

At some test centres in the UK, driving test waiting times can stretch for more than three months. These test centres are notoriously busy, and the time between booking a driving test and taking it can be a significant issue. To reduce the time it takes to find a driving test date, we’ve built a driving test cancellation checker. The service looks for recently cancelled driving tests and sends an automatic alert, to any candidates looking to book an early driving test.

How to Find Driving Test Cancellations

  1. Enter your driving licence number
  2. Enter your driving test reference number
  3. Select a new date
  4. Select your driving test centres
  5. Choose how often you would like to receive your alerts
  6. Save your preferences
  7. Text back book when you find a suitable test appointment

There are two main ways you can find a cancelled driving test. The first is to check the DVSA’s website for any cancelled tests. The second is to sign up to our driving test cancellation service that will automatically check and book a short notice driving test on your behalf.

Early Driving Test

Searching the DVSA’s Website Yourself

You must have a driving test already booked before you can look for an early driving test date. Once you have a test scheduled, you’ll need to log in to the DVSA’s driving test rescheduling portal to look for an earlier test date. To log into the portal, you’ll need your driving license number and either your driving test reference number or your theory test certificate number.

Your driving license number is over 10 characters and made up of a sequence of letters and numbers. You can find the number under the date the license was issued. Your driving test number will be on the confirmation email you received from the DVSA when you initially booked your driving test.

Check Your Test Details

Once you have accepted a test slot and the driving test cancellation service you are using has confirmed the time and date of your test, it’s important to check the DVSA’s website to ensure that everything is in order. The DVSA has a free service you can use to check the details of your driving test. Again you’ll need your driving license number and either your theory test certificate number or driving test reference number to gain access to the portal

When Should You Use a Driving Test Cancellation Service

When Your Theory Test is About to Expire

One of the main reasons learner drivers seek out short notice driving tests is because their theory test is about to expire. You must pass and hold a valid theory test certificate before you’re allowed to book a driving test and your theory test is valid for two years, from the date at which you passed. If you’ve had a number of driving lessons and you are confident behind the wheel, bringing your driving test forward to ensure you take it before your theory test expires could save you time and money in the long run.

On Your Driving Instructors Recommendation

If your driving instructor thinks you are ready to pass your driving test, a short notice test can help you get on the road quickly. The average waiting time for a driving test is 6 weeks and if you’d prefer not to wait for this long for a test, a cancellation checker could prove to be a useful service.

Before booking an early test it’s important to ensure you have an honest and frank conversation with your driving instructor about your current driving ability and your chances of getting your license. If your driving instructor doesn’t think you have a good chance of passing the test and you go ahead and book one anyway, there’s a good chance you’ll end up failing your test. If you are determined to book an early driving test, but you are anxious or worried about your chances of passing, read our guide on how to overcome your driving test nerves.

When You Have Just Failed Your Test

Many learner drivers who have just failed their driving test, often feel confident enough to take another one right away. If you’ve just failed and your instructor feels you can easily correct the error(s) that prevented you from passing, look for a test cancellation spot and arrange a new test date as soon as possible.

When You Need Your Driver’s License by a Certain Date

A service that checks for test cancellations becomes especially important when you require your driver’s license by a certain date. Common deadlines many learner drivers face include the start of a new job, travelling or going back to study for an extended period of time. In these scenarios, bringing your test date forward could prove to be the only viable solution.


Last-minute driving tests are by their nature somewhat unpredictable. Booking, taking and passing a short notice test, can be a challenge and there are a number of ways in which learner drivers can get caught out during the process. To ensure you are as prepared as can be, we’ve highlighted some of the key considerations and issues to be aware of when thinking about taking an early test

Your Driving Instructor’s Availability

One of the first things you need to consider before booking a cancellation driving test is your driving instructor’s availability. If you book a test at a time your instructor is unable to attend, you will have to find another instructor or a suitable vehicle to take your test in.

Having to source an alternative instructor or vehicle for your test can be challenging especially at short notice. To avoid this situation, always ask your driving instructor if they will be available at the proposed time and location, before booking or accepting a short notice test.

Although we always recommend asking your instructor first before booking or accepting a test earlier test slot, you could end up missing out on the slot if your instructor is unable to respond right away.

Choice of Driving Test Centre

Your choice of test centre and the amount of time you spend practising at it, has a direct impact on your chances of passing on the day. If you’re unable to get a short notice test at the test centre you are familiar with, you may have to take your driving test at a location you have limited knowledge of.

If you accept a test date at a centre you’re unfamiliar with, we’d recommend you set aside at least a couple of hours with your driving instructor before your test, to familiarise yourself with the local area. If time permits, ask your driving instructor to take you on a few of the possible routes you might encounter, as just a couple of hours practice could make the difference between passing and failing.

It’s also worth making sure that your driving instructor covers the test centre you intend to take your test at. Most instructors only cover a handful of test centres, so bear this in mind when booking.

Finding a Short Notice Driving Instructor

If you bring your driving test forward and the driving instructor you’ve been learning to drive with is unavailable at the time of your rescheduled test, you’ll need to find a replacement instructor or hire a suitable vehicle to take your test with.

Finding a driving instructor at short notice is one of the most challenging aspects of booking an early driving test. If you know you’ll need to do so, it’s important to leave enough time to complete the search process. It’s likely you’ll have to make several enquiries before you’re able to find an available instructor that covers the area you’ll be taking your test at.

Higher Associated Costs

If you do need to find a driving instructor at short notice, you may have to pay a premium to secure their services. Instructors often charge a premium for short notice tests as they may have to cancel existing lessons to accommodate you. Be prepared to pay up to £130 for the cost of hiring the vehicle and a couple of hours practice beforehand.


When Can I Book a New Test After Failing?

If you have unfortunately just failed your driving test, you will have to wait at least 10 working days before booking another test. Once the 10 working days have passed, you are free to book a test as you normally would, or use our test cancellation checker, to find a short notice driving test near you.

Is Our Driving Test Cancellations Service Legit?

Our driving test cancellation checker is legitimate and not a scam. We offer concrete money-back guarantees and if we are unable to find you an earlier test date, we’ll happily refund you your money no questions asked. All you need to do to get your early test date is fill in the form and complete the booking process and we’ll do the rest.

Is There a Cancellation List For Driving Tests?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a DVSA driving test cancellation list that you can sign up or add your name to. It’s a question many learner drivers ask, however, the only way to find an earlier driving test is to search for a short notice test yourself or use our driving test cancellation service to find yourself a short notice driving test.

Best Time of Day To Find Driving Test Cancellations?

The best time of day to find a driving test cancellation is between 9 and 11am in the morning. You are more likely to find a vacant spot at this time of the day as learner drivers who intend on cancelling or rescheduling their driving test often to do so at the start of the day.

How Does Driving Test Cancellation Software Work?

Our software works by automatically checking the DVSA’s driving test booking website multiple times a day, for recently cancelled driving test appointments. When a test slot matching your criteria is found, you’ll automatically be sent a text message with the details and the option of the confirming the appointment.

Can I get notifications for cancelled driving tests?

Yes, you can get notified when an early driving test becomes available. To do so, choose a date and a set of test centres and we’ll send you an alert when a suitable driving test appointment becomes available.

How Do I Get Notified of Driving Test Cancellations?

You will be notified by text message when a driving test appointment matching your criteria becomes available. If you are happy with the time, date and location and wish to accept the appointment, simply reply to the message with the word yes. Once you have confirmed your attendance you will receive an email from the DVSA confirming the details of your driving test.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Driving Test?

Once you have booked your driving test, you’ll be able to change the test date up to 6 times without being charged for a new test. There are 2 ways you change your driving test date. The first is by logging into the DVSA’s website and searching for a new test date. You can do so using the login details contained in the email you would have received when your test was booked.

The second is by logging into your account on Book Learn Pass and filling in the change of date request form. Once we have received your request we’ll start looking for a new driving test date based on the dates you have chosen.

Driving Test Cancellations by Year

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