Driving Lessons Romford

If you live in Romford and would like to find driving lessons in the local area, Book Learn Pass can help you. We have reviewed several independent driving schools in Romford and we can help you book lessons with a friendly driving instructor in the local area. Simply fill in the contact form at the top of the this page and we will give you a call to find out your requirements, before helping you book.

When choosing a driving school you need to think about  your budget, availability and the type of lesson you prefer. For example if you are interested in switching driving instructors, you should look out for the best introductory deals. Some driving schools are great for refresher lessons, while others specialize in intensive driving courses. If you prefer to learn with a female driving instructor, we can also arrange this too. Female learner drivers often prefer learning with a lady and this is something we often accommodate for.

There are lots of driving instructors in the Romford area and we have compared a number of the schools. We have analysed each driving school looking at price, the type of lessons they provide and their online reviews.

Best Price

The cheapest driving lessons we found in Romford were offered by Learn n Excell. Mr Qureshi the school’s owner charges £16 an hour for single lessons and £15 an hour for a block booking of 10 lessons. The other schools in the area charge just above £20 an hour for their lessons. Although Learn n Excell are the cheapest, availability might be an issue. The school does not have that many instructors, so getting your ideal time slot could prove tricky.

Booking an Intensive Driving Course in Romford

If you are interested in booking an intensive course and would like to make a block booking, there are number of schools who offer this service at different price points. The best price we have found for an intensive driving course is offered by Crash Course Grays. The driving school has a number of intensive driving courses and their 30 hours for £785 represents great value. The price includes the £62 driving test fee.

Instructor Availability

When analyzing a driving school, it is a good idea to find out how many driving instructors the school has. A school with several driving instructors makes it’s easier to get the dates for lessons you want. Alfie’s Driving School covers everywhere from Chingford to Barking. The school has a number of driving instructors and this allows them to cover a wider area. The flexibility is important. It allows you to book lessons at shorter notice and switch between instructors if you feel the need too.

Female Driving Instructors in Romford

There are several female driving instructors in the Romford area. Lisle’s Driving School and Chase Cross School of Motoring are two female owned driving schools in Romford, both highly regarded by their students. Alfie’s Driving School have a number of female driving instructors. You can view their instructor profiles here and scrolling through the page we counted 6 female instructors on their books.


When comparing driving schools, make sure you read the company’s reviews before getting in touch. Reviews will give you an understanding of how the driving school is run and what previous students thought of their driving lessons. In regards to reviews Chase Cross have 70 reviews on Facebook, with a 5 out of 5 rating. Alfie’s Driving School also has a large number of reviews. It has over 130 reviews spread across Google, Facebook and Yell. It is the driving school with most reviews and it has a lot of positive feedback from ex-students.


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