Croydon Driving Test Centre

Located a short drive away from Crystal Palace and Mitcham Croydon Test Centre is widely used by candidates in South London. The test centre is easy to locate 1,404 driving tests were taken there in 2019/20 and the roads in and around the test centre are mainly residential, however, the A23 does run right past the centre site so candidates do need to be comfortable on the dual carriageway if taking their test at Croydon Driving Test Centre.

Croydon Driving Test Centre Address

111 Canterbury Road
Greater London


Toilets: Male and female toilets are available
Disabled access: No
Parking: Limited parking is available at this centre

Available tests

Car test: Yes
ADI Part 3: Yes
Motorcycle Module 1: No
Motorcycle Module 2: No
B+E: No
Taxi: No
ADI Part 2: No

Book a driving test at Croydon Driving Test Centre

Croydon is a suburban district of London and although it has a large number of residential properties, the test centre is itself is not always the busiest. In 2019/20, just over 1,400 tests were taken at the site and driving test waiting times are generally around 6 weeks.
If you plan on booking a driving test at Croydon Test Centre, we recommend you book your test once you have passed the halfway point in your tuition.

Book a driving test in Croydon by phone

The DVSA allow you to book and change your driving test over the phone. This is perfect for those who do not have access to a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection. To book a driving test at Croydon Test Centre over the phone, call 0300 200 1122 on weekdays, Monday to Friday.

The lines are open from 8am to 4pm and you will need to have your provisional driving licence and a valid credit or debit card to hand when you ring up. Once you find a suitable driving test appointment at Croydon, you’ll need to pay £62 to cover the cost of the driving test.

Book a driving test in Croydon online

You can use the DVSA’s recently updated website to book a driving test at Croydon Driving Test Centre. The website is available 7 days a week, from 6am to 11:40pm. You can use the website to book, change and cancel your driving test. Once you’re ready to start, visit and set aside 10 to 15 minutes to complete the booking process.

Note: You can only take the standard car test at Croydon Test Centre, if you would like to take a car and trailer driving test, the nearest test centre is
Guildford Driving Test Centre.

Once you are on the DVSA’s website, you will need to enter your provisional driving licence number and the preferred date of your driving test. You’ll then need to enter Croydon Driving Test Centre as your desired location and then chose an appointment that works best for you. To complete your booking you will need to pay £62 to cover the cost of the test.

Book a short notice driving test at Croydon

If you would like to avoid the 6-week wait for a driving test at Croydon you do have the option of booking a short notice driving test instead. Our driving test cancellation checker will look for cancelled tests at Croydon Driving Test Centre and you can set up notifications to receive an alert when a suitable slot becomes available.

How to get to Croydon Driving Test Centre

If you plan on travelling to Croydon Driving Test Centre by train, the nearest train station is West Croydon. You can either take a bus from the station to the test centre or complete a short 21-minute walk. If you’re driving to the test centre, there is limited parking available, but be aware, the bays may be in use by candidates attempting one of the driving test manoeuvers.

Croydon Driving Test Centre
Croydon Driving Test Centre

Directions from Croydon Station

Getting to the test centre from West Croydon is relatively straight forward. There are a number of bus routes travelling between both locations and if you’d prefer to walk, here are some directions;

  • Walk north-west on London Road towards Mead Place
  • Turn left onto Canterbury Road and Croydon Driving Test Centre will be on your left-hand side

Croydon Driving Test Centre pass rates

Driving in London can be quite daunting, especially for inexperienced learner drivers. Busier roads and more aggressive drivers make it a bit harder to pass in the capital and it’s no surprise to see Croydon Test Centre had a pass rate lower than the national average in 2019/20.

YearConducted testsPassesPass rate

Check out this guide if you’re looking for advice on how to pass the driving test.

Croydon driving test routes

Studying driving test route videos of Croydon Test Centre is a great way to increase your chances of passing your test. A number of videos were uploaded to YouTube in 2020 and these videos are a great source of local knowledge and insight into the road layout and possible traffic conditions.

Local roads in and around Croydon

Most routes at Croydon Driving Test Centre include a large number of residential roads, so it’s worth keeping a lookout for give way lines, as they can be easy to miss if the paintwork is faded. Poor observation usually tops the list of most common driving test faults, so keep this in mind, as you need to show effective observation as you approach and emerge at junctions.

Alternative driving test centres

If you’d prefer to take your driving test at a different test centre in South London, you do have the following options available to you;