Driving Lessons North

To help you find driving lessons in North London, we’ve written this guide in partnership with some of the major driving schools in the North London area, to help you choose the right driving lesson for you.

Booking Driving Lessons In North London

If you are based in North London and looking for driving lessons there are several things you can do to find the right driving lessons for you. The key to any search is to start off with online reviews of all the driving schools in the North London area. Impartial reviews on third party websites are a good place to start, as you’ll get a feel for the standards of the driving schools you are interested in.

You want to book driving lessons with an instructor that knows the North London area well. Good local knowledge of the roads in and around North London is crucial, as this will ensure that you are only taken on roads that you have the experience and capabilities to deal with.

You also want driving lesson that are tailored specifically to your level of driving experience. If you require just a few driving lessons to get yourself up to test standard, you should find a driving school in North London that is capable of providing revision lessons, while if you are looking to book your first driving lesson, then you want to take your driving lessons with a North London instructor who has experience in teaching brand new learners.

How To Find Cheap Driving Lessons In North London

The average number of hours of driving tuition a learner driver needs to pass is currently at 60 and because of this, many learner drivers in North London are looking for cheap driving lessons in the area. If you’re based in North London and looking for affordable driving lessons there are few things you can do that will help you save money on your driving lessons.

You can find cheap driving lessons in North London by choosing to learn with a partly qualified driving instructor. Instructors who are currently going through the driving instructor training course are more likely to offer cheaper driving lessons, as they are able to gain valuable expereince and some extra money, while they complete their training course.

Another excellent way of bringing down the cost of your driving lessons is to book you lesson at times when instructors are less likely to be busy. You can find cheap driving lessons in North London if you are ok with booking your lessons during the early mornings or late evenings. In some cases block booking your driving lessons over winter can earn you a better deal too, as this is something many driving schools in North London are keen to promote.

Automatic Driving Lessons In North London

There are several benefits to automatic driving lessons and there’s a reason why this lesson type is becoming more popular among North London residents. Handling a vehicle is tough enough for most learner drivers and having to coordinate three pedals makes it just that little bit harder. Automatic cars only have two pedals – the accelerator and the brake pedal – and this makes many of the concepts taught in the lesson, far easier to understand, as you do not spend time grappling with the gear stick.

Automatic driving lessons in North London are also popular because of how easy it is to practice driving maneuvers. Automatic cars have a gear called ‘Park’ and this manages the speed of the car automatically which makes it easier to complete maneuvers such as parking and reversing, as you do not have to worry about managing the clutch.

If you are unsure as to whether a manual car is right for you, booking automatic driving lesson in North London, might be a sensible thing to do.

Which Areas in North London Are Covered?

You can book driving lessons in the following locations in North London


BarnetBrent CrossEdmonton
Finsbury ParkHighgateHolloway
Muswell HillSouthgateStoke Newington
TottenhamWood Green

The Driving Test

There are 6 driving test centres in North Lodnon. These are;

  • Barnet
  • Enfield (Innova Business Park)
  • Hendon
  • Mill Hill
  • Tottenham
  • Wood Green

We recommend choosing your driving test centre before booking your driving test. Doing so should give you enough time to practice in the local area. Ask your driving instructor to conduct a few mock driving tests with you as well. Mock tests provide you with valuable experience as they give you an idea of what to expect on your driving test.

If you would like yo get your driving licence as quickly as you can, we recommend booking a short notice driving test. Driving test cancellations are easy to find and they can bring your test date forward by a couple of months.