Chingford Driving Test Centre

Chingford Driving Test Centre is located in Waltham Forest, North East London. The test centre is situated just off Station Road and it’s used by learner drivers in Epping Forest, Redbridge, South Woodford and of course, Waltham Forest.

Chingford driving test centre address

Doric House
128 Station Road
E4 6AD
020 8989 0304
Opening Times:


Toilets: Male and female toilets
Disabled access: No
Parking: Limited car parking is available

Available tests

Car test: Yes
ADI Part 2: Yes
ADI Part 3: Yes
Motorcycle Module 1: No
Motorcycle Module 2: No
B+E: No
Taxi: No

Book a driving test at Chingford Driving Test Centre

Most test centres in London are oversubscribed and Chingford Driving Test Centre is no different. According to a census taken in 2011, there were 66,211 people living in Chingford at the time of the count. Combine this with a number of other well-populated nearby residential areas, and it’s easy to see why test slots at the centre get snapped up very quickly. We recommend booking your driving tests at Chingford before you reach test standard, as this can help you avoid a 3-month wait for a test date.

Book a driving test in Chingford by phone

If you would like to book a practical driving test at Chingford over the Phone, you can call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122, weekdays between 8am and 4pm. When you ring, make sure you have a credit or debit card to hand, as you need to pay £62 to cover the cost of the test. Once the booking is confirmed, you should receive an email from the DVSA.

Book a driving test in Chingford online

You can book a driving test in Chingford online using the DVSA’s website. To begin the booking process, go to and click the ‘Start Now’ button. On the next page, enter your provisional driving licence number, choose your preferred test date and select Chingford Driving Test Centre. Make sure you have a credit or debit card with you, as you will need to cover the cost of the test.

Book a short notice driving test at Chingford

If you can’t afford to wait 3-months for a test date or you have just failed your driving test and you feel confident enough to take another one right away, you can book yourself a short notice driving test instead. Sign-up to our test cancellation checker, select Chingford as your preferred driving test centre and our software will automatically look for earlier test dates at Chingford test centre. Once we find a suitable slot, we can automatically book the date, saving you the hassle of doing so yourself.

If you are concerned about passing the driving test, these driving test tips should help, and so to this guide on overcoming any driving test anxiety you might have.

How to get to Chingford Driving Test Centre

If you plan on meeting your driving instructor at the test centre, Chingford Overground Station is right opposite the site. If you plan on driving to the centre, there is a limited number of parking spaces available, but please be considerate as candidates use the bays to complete their driving test manoeuvres.

If you plan on travelling to the test centre by bus, all of the following busses stop at Chingford Station bus stop;

  • 97
  • 179
  • 212
  • 313
  • 379
  • 385
  • 397
  • 444

Leave yourself enough time to get to the test centre if you are making your way on the bus. The last thing you want is to miss the start of your driving test because you are stuck in traffic.

Chingford Driving Test Centre

Chingford driving test centre pass rates

In the last decade, Chingford Driving Test Centre has had a pass rate of roughly 34%. This number is significantly lower than the national average, which is around 47%. Chingford is considered one of the hardest driving test centres to pass your test at, so you will need expert knowledge of the local area if you are to succeed.

If you are sure you want to book your driving test at Chingford, make sure you study the available driving test routes and drive independently with a family member or friend if you can.

YearConducted testsPassesPass rate

Chingford driving test routes

It’s impossible to know beforehand which driving test route in Chingford the examiner will take you on, so it is important to go over as many routes as you can. Click the button below to get access to 10 different driving test routes. Each route contains a video recording, step-by-step instructions and screenshots of the road layout. We frequently update the page with new routes, so it’s working checking back for additional content.

Local roads in and around Chingford

One feature of Chingford Driving Test Centre is the number of hills in and around the test centre. With so many hills nearby, there is a good chance you’ll have to perform a hill start on your driving test. If you are learning to drive in a manual car, you will need to have good clutch control to avoid rolling backwards when moving off on a slope.

There are also a number of driving test routes in Chingford that incorporate narrow country roads. Country roads can be extremely challenging, so if you find yourself on this particular road type, keep your eyes peeled for a passing place. If you are yet to master driving on a country road, check out this list of driving instructors in Chingford that might be able to help.

Alternative driving test centres

If you are not too keen on booking your driving test at Chingford’s test centre, here are some alternative driving test centres in East London.