Sidcup Driving Test Centre

Located in the middle of an industrial estate in South East London, Sidcup Driving Test Centre may not be the easiest test centre to find, but that hasn’t stopped it being one of the most popular in South London. With a pass rate of 40.6% – in 2019/20 – and a large number of driving test route videos on YouTube, demand for tests at Sidcup are sure to increase over the coming years.

Sidcup Driving Test Centre Address

2 Crayside, Five Arches Business Estate
Maidstone Road
Greater London
DA14 5AG


Toilets: Male and female toilets are available
Disabled access: No
Parking: Parking spaces are available

Available tests

Car test: Yes
ADI Part 2: Yes
ADI Part 3: Yes
Motorcycle Module 1: No
Motorcycle Module 2: No
B+E: No
Taxi: No

Book a driving test at Sidcup Driving Test Centre

Driving test waiting times at Sidcup generally range from 2 to 3 months. In the 2011 census, Sidcup had a population size of just over 43,000 making it a reasonably sized London district. Sidcup borders Chislehurst and Bexley, and the heavily populated urban areas of Greenwich, Lewisham, Peckham and Woolwich are all just a short drive away.

If you plan on taking your driving test at Sidcup Test Centre, speak to your driving instructor about booking your driving test before you reach test standard. Organising your test before you finish learning to drive, will help you avoid a long wait before your test date.

Book a driving test in Sidcup by phone

If you would like to arrange a test at Sidcup Driving Test Centre, you can do so over the phone. The DVSA’s customer service helpline is available Monday through Friday, from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. The number is 0300 200 1122 and you will need your provisional driving licence number and a valid credit or debit card to complete your booking. The cost of the test is £62, and you will receive an email from the DVSA once your booking is confirmed.

Book a driving test in Sidcup online

Most driving test candidates book their driving test online using the DVSA’s website. If you would like to do the same, go to and select the type of test you would like to take to start the process. The only driving tests available at Sidcup Test Centre are the standard car test and the ADI part 2 and part 3 tests. If you would like to take a car and trailer test, you won’t be able to do so at Sidcup.

Once you have selected your test type, you will be asked to enter your provisional driving licence number before choosing a test centre and a time and date for your test, based on the available appointments. Once you have completed this section, you will need to confirm the details of your test and pay £62 to cover the cost. The DVSA will send you an email to confirm your booking once you have completed the process. It should take roughly 15 minutes to book your driving test.

Book a short notice driving test at Sidcup

If you have just failed your driving test and would like to take another test without having to wait for months, you can book a short notice cancellation driving test today. Our software will help you skip the queue by regularly checking the DVSA’s website for cancelled tests at Sidcup Test Centre.

How to get to Sidcup Driving Test Centre

If you plan on travelling to the test centre by public transport, the closest train stations are Albany and Sidcup Station, and both are over 30 minutes away. If you’d prefer to drive to the location, there is ample parking at Sidcup Test Centre. Many candidates prefer to get to the site a bit earlier, so they can go over the driving test manoeuvres for the final time.

Sidcup Driving Test Centre
Sidcup Driving Test Centre

Sidcup Driving Test Centre pass rates

The pass rate at Sidcup Driving Test Centre has been over 40% for the last 5 years, and in 2019/20, 1,614 tests were taken with an overall pass rate of 40.6%. Although Sidcup has a lower pass rate than the national average, over 40% for a London test centre is still somewhat respectable.

YearConducted testsPassesPass rate

Sidcup driving test routes

There are lots of Sidcup driving test routes on YouTube and studying these can help you develop an understanding of the local roads and potential routes. As well as YouTube, you can also study the driving test routes we have on this page too. Each route comes complete with videos, images and hazard identification.
In 2014/15, the pass rate at Sidcup increased from 37.5 to 40.6, a rise of 31.% and one factor that could have contributed to the rise is the increased availability of driving test routes. The pass rate has remained above 40% since 2015 and many students have commented on how these videos have helped them pass their driving test.

Local roads in and around Sidcup

Sidcup Test Centre is based in an industrial estate and the speed limit on the road immediately outside the centre is 15mph. The A223 North Cray road is a dual carriageway which is relatively close to the centre, and you’ll most likely leave and return to the centre via that road. There’s no centre line on Summerhouse Drive, so it’s important to keep left of centre if you are taken on that particular road.

Alternative driving test centres

If you would prefer to take your driving test at a different test centre in South London, here are some alternative sites to chose from