Wanstead Driving Test Centre

Wanstead driving test centre is located in Redbridge, East London. It’s relatively close to Snaresbrook, Leytonstone and South Woodford. The roads in and around the test centre site are mainly residential and the A12 and A406 are two roads that are included in most of Wanstead’s driving test routes.

Wanstead driving test centre address

2 Devon House
Hermon Hill
E11 2AW
020 8989 0304


Toilets: No
Disable access: No
Parking: No

Available tests

Car test: Yes
ADI Part 3: Yes
Motorcycle Module 1: No
Motorcycle Module 2: No
B+E: No
Taxi: No
ADI Part 2: No

Book a driving test at Wanstead test centre

Wanstead driving test centre is one of the busiest in the UK, and it can often take more 3 months to find a test at the site. If Wanstead is your preferred location, we recommend booking your driving test as early as you can and then change your driving test date to a later one if you can’t make the original date.

Book a driving test in Wanstead by phone

If you would like a customer service agent to help you book your driving test, you can call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122, the lines are open from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. When you call, you will need your provisional driving licence number and a credit or debit card to complete your booking.

Book a driving test in Wanstead online

You can book a driving test in Wanstead online using the DVSA’s website. To start the booking process, go to https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test and click the ‘Start Now’ button. Once you have completed this step, you’ll need to enter in your provisional driving licence number, choose your preferred date and select Wanstead driving test centre. You will need a credit or debit card to complete your booking.

Book a driving test cancellation at Wanstead

If you need to find a driving test at short notice, you can use our driving test cancellation checker to book a driving test at Wanstead. The service checks the DVSA’s website every 5 minutes for test appointments in Wanstead and you can use it to find a test if you are in a hurry.

If you need help preparing for the big day, we have guides on everything from tips to help you pass your driving test, to advice on how to overcome driving test nerves.

How to get to Wanstead driving test centre

The test centre is located just off A113, roughly 2 minutes away from the A12 and the site has good transport links. There is a bus stop right outside the centre, and Snaresbrook tube station is a short 3-minute walk away. If you plan on driving down to the test centre, it’s worth keeping in mind that there is no on-site parking, so you might have to find a parking spot on Hernon Hill, which has a number of pay and display parking bays.

Wanstead Driving Test Centre

Directions from Snaresbrook Station

If you plan on walking to the test centre from Snaresbrook station, here are some directions.

  • Take the stairs from Snaresbrook and walk north-east towards High St
  • Turn right onto High St
  • Turn left onto Hermon Hill/A113
  • Turn right and your destination will be on the left

Wanstead driving test centre pass rates

The driving test has a national pass rate of around 47%, however, pass rates differ significantly between test centres and genders. Wanstead driving test centre is one of the hardest places to pass your driving test in the UK. Its average pass rate for the last 10 years is below 30% and in 2010/11, roughly 75% of all taken tests resulted in a fail.

As the pass rate is below the national average, we recommend you take the statistics into consideration before you book your driving test at Wanstead. To pass your driving test at this test centre, you need excellent knowledge of the local roads and you need to be comfortable dealing with large roundabouts, as most driving test routes in the area, include at least one roundabout.

YearConducted testsPassesPass rate

Wanstead driving test routes

You can purchase 10 driving test routes for Wanstead driving test centre by clicking the link below. Each route comes with videos, pictures and guidance to help you deal with some of the more challenging aspects of each route. These routes will improve your chances of passing at Wanstead driving test centre, and we update our videos as soon as new driving test routes become available.

Local roads in and around Wanstead

You need to be confident driving on the dual carriageway and navigating large roundabouts if you are to pass your test at Wanstead. Charlie Brown, Waterworks Corner and Redbridge Roundabout are three roundabouts you’ll find across most of Wanstead’s driving test routes. You need to be comfortable with all three as some routes require you to navigate these roundabouts a number of times.

As well as these roundabouts, you’ll need knowledge of the A12 and A406, so we recommend spending a lot of time practising in the local area before your test.

Alternative driving test centres

If you don’t quite fancy taking your driving test at Wanstead there are a number of other driving test centres in East London for you to choose from including;