Driving Instructor Training

Every year over 14,000 people train to become driving instructors, it’s a popular career choice and when you consider the benefits on offer, it’s understandable why. Great salary, fantastic job security, the opportunity to be your own boss and the added bonus of helping people gain a lifelong skill, have made becoming a driving instructor an attractive proposition, for many looking for a change of career.

Anyone over the age of 21 who has held their license for over 3 years can teach another individual how to drive, however if you want to charge for this service, you need to be registered with the DVSA as an approved driving instructor or ADI. In order to register as an ADI, each driving instructor is required to pass a three stage assessment, used to ensure that all instructors provide a high standard of tuition to all learner drivers.

Why Do I Need Driving Instructor Training?

Passing the ADI assessment course is virtually impossible without receiving driving instructor training. The DVSA have a specific syllabus that all learner drivers are expected to be taught and without professional training, it’s highly unlikely that a prospective instructor will be able to demonstrate to an examiner that they not only understand the course materials, but are also able to teach the curriculum to a student driver at the required standard.

How Does The ADI Assessment Course Work

The ADI assessment is broken down into three parts. The first section is made up of a multiple choice and hazard perception test aimed at assessing the instructors knowledge of the syllabus, as well as their understanding of differing road situations. The training for this is a combination of in-class tuition and independent study and the suggested number of hours for this sections is 40.

The second part of the assessment is a driving test similar to the driving test learner drivers take, it’s used to asses an instructors overall driving ability, while the third section is an assessment of the instructor’s ability to teach the syllabus. The combined number of tuition hours suggested for sections two and three of the ADI test, varies from between 55 to 65 in-car hours.

How To Choose a Driving Instructor Training Course

With there being so many driving schools offering instructor training, choosing the right training course for you can be daunting. Becoming a driving instructor is an investment in your future, so it stands to reason that you should consider your options carefully before opting to join a school. For prospective instructors considering what school to join, here are our top things to consider before making your choice.

How Much Does The Training Course Cost?

The cost of the training course is a significant factor for many prospective driving instructors. Currently the average price of an instructor training course is £2,300 and when considering who to learn with, it’s important you look at not only the price, but the payment options offered. Some driving schools prefer to have all the course’s fees paid upfront, while others allow you pay per lesson and in some cases a payment plan can be agreed allowing you to spread payments over a number of months. When looking for a driving school to learn with, ensure you enquire about the payment options they offer as some may suit your needs and current financial situation better than others.

How Does The Driving School Teach Their Students

As the the ADI assessment consists of multiple tests targeting different areas of your teaching ability, when choosing a driving school to learn with, opt for one with a balanced set of teaching resources. The bulk of your time should be spent in car learning with your instructor and the standard number of hours for this should be 60. You will also need a significant amount of in-class tuition to enable you to pass the multiple choice and hazard perception section of the tests and for this section, between 20 and 25 hours is the industry standard, with the remaining hours made up of independent student study.

Be wary of driving schools that do not offer classroom tuition as well as schools which do not provide additional learning material for their instructors. A good driving school will not only provide both in-car and in-class tuition, they will also have independent study resources for their instructors in the shape of books, videos and training guides for further study.

Does The School Offer Free Driving Instructor Training

Due to the high cost of training to be a driving instructor, many prospective tutors often look for a free version of the training course. Although relatively rare, free driving instructor training courses do exist and if you’re intent on learning via this route, you can find driving schools willing to the offer the training for ‘free’, in exchange for the instructor working for them for a set period of time once they qualify. For those who are interested in becoming instructors, but are worried about the price, finding a free driving instructor training course is often a viable alternative, as long as you’re happy working for the school for a period in and around 24 months.

Does The Driving School Offer Immediate Job Opportunities

Training to become a driving instructor is a significant investment in time and money and because of this, it’s normal to ask questions about your earning potential once qualified as an ADI. When considering what driving school to learn with, discuss with the school if they allow their prospective instructors to begin teaching after passing the second stage of the ADI assessment. The government allow instructors who have completed the first two sections of the assessment to charge for their tuition as a trainee driving instructor, therefore schools which allow you to practice while part qualified, as well as schools which guarantee you a job upon qualification often represent better value that those that don’t.

Becoming a driving instructor is a process which can take some time. Not only will you need to complete your training, you’ll also need to pass the ADI assessment, however if you’re able to stick at it and gain the necessary qualifications, you’ll be guaranteed a career that is both financially and personally rewarding.

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