Driving Schools Near Me

    Finding a driving school in your local area when there are so many companies to choose from can be difficult. With their being so many schools in one area, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and this could result in you picking the wrong driving school.

    The current pass rate for new learners is just under 43% and for the amount of time and money new learners spend on tuition, this number should be much higher. There are several reasons why the pass rate is so low in the country. For starters, new learners don’t prepare well enough for the examination, the aggressiveness of other road users can often unsettle students on test day and the most common reason for the low pass rate, the standard of tuition learners receive from their driving instructors and driving schools is often below par.

    How To Find a Good Driving School in Your Local Area

    The quality of teaching a new learner receives is the biggest factor in how long it will take to pass your driving test. The higher the standard of tuition, the sooner they’ll pass their test and it’s no coincidence certain driving schools,  have consistently higher pass rates over time than others. We know how important finding the right driving school is, so we’ve put together this guide with our top tips to help you do just that.

    i. Opt For Driving Schools With Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s)

    When speaking to a driving school one of the initial questions you should ask, is whether all of their tutors are approved driving instructors also known as ADI’s. An approved driving instructor will have a green badge which they receive from the Government after completing their 3 step driving instructor training course. The DVSA maintains a database which contains the details of the majority of ADI’s so you can use this to check for registered driving instructors in your area. It’s worth noting that not all ADI’s are registered in this database, but it’s certainly a good starting point when beginning your search.

    ii. Look For Online Reviews

    Finding out what a driving school’s previous students think of their teaching and the level of service they received, is an excellent way of deciding whether it’s a school you should consider learning with. You can find out this information by reading reviews and testimonials on the school’s own website and then working your way to reviews left on third party websites like TrustPilot.

    iii. Get Recommendations From Friends and Family

    A great way to find a good driving school or instructor, is to ask your friends and family to recommend the school they learnt with, if they’ve passed their driving test recently. Recommendations from people you trust are often the best source of potential companies and in some cases it’s worth asking people you study or work with, if you know they have passed recently too.

    Additional Indicators of a Quality Driving School

    If you follow the steps above you should end up with a shortlist of driving schools in your area that you’d be happy to talk to. Once you have your list, it’s time to narrow it down to one or two candidates and to do so, here are some topics you can discuss with each potential driving schools.

    i. Do They Offer Guarantees?

    The time it takes an individual to pass their driving test really varies from person to person, so there’s no set number of driving lessons that once reached guarantees a pass. In saying that, some driving schools rate their standard of the teaching so high, that they guarantee you’ll pass if you take a certain number of lessons with them and if you fail to pass by the designated number of lessons, you’ll receive a percentage of your tuition fee back in the shape of free lessons. Although this type of guarantee is rare, it’s certainly a signal of a reputable driving school.

    ii. Do They Have a Fair Cancellation Policy

    A common practice among many driving schools is to charge you the price of a lesson, if you cancel your appointment without giving 24-48 hours notice to your instructor. This protects the driving school from losing out on pre-booked lessons, however what happens if the instructor or school cancels without giving the client prior notice?

    When speaking to potential driving schools, inquire about their cancellation polices and find out whether the individual is compensated for their time if an instructor cancels without prior notice. Driving schools which have fair cancellation policies tend to be better schools overall, as this is an indicator of how much consideration they give to their clients.

    iii. What Out of Lesson Support do They Provide?

    A key part of new learner’s driving education is how much out of car study they do in between lessons. There’s a wealth of information online and in books that has been written to educate and prepare learners for some of the situations they encounter while driving. Good driving schools will often have teaching materials in the shape of blog posts, articles, guides and videos that their students can use to study and learn in between their driving lessons. A good driving school will have a section on their website with driving test tips and training materials to help you pass your theory test too.

    iv. How Long Has The Driving School Been Operating For?

    Driving schools that have been operating in an area for a considerable period of time, tend to offer a higher standard of teaching, as they not only have the experience that comes with having taught thousands of hours of lessons, but they also have a reputation in the local area that they want to safeguard and protect. Established schools which have been operating in the same location for a number of years, will usually offer a higher standard of tuition as they attempt to protect the brand they have spent time building.

    The aim of all good driving schools is to teach teach their students how to operate a vehicle in the safest manner possible, while preparing them to pass their driving test in the shortest amount of time. On paper this should be a relatively easy task, however if you choose the wrong driving school this objective will often be overshadowed by the instructors own personal aims.